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DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service)

If you wish to run a web server (or a mail server, ftp server, game server, etc.), you may want to give your server a name (like rather than having to give out its network ID number, the IP address (which looks something like If so, you can use one of the following services to name your computer on the internet, even if your IP address changes (using DHCP).

DHS International
"DHS International is a provider of free services to the Internet community, ranging from free domain names to web redirection and other free services. DHS International aims to provide high quality services through the help of donations and volunteer assistance from the Internet community.
"Static DNS: Members can create their own hostnames and either control it like they would a normal domain or they can have it pointed to a single IP address which allows the members to run their own website and mail server with very little configuration.
"Dynamic DNS: This service which is still in BETA allows members who dialup with a modem to run their own mail server and website over their modem. Since a lot of the people who use the Internet don't have static Internet Addresses, this allowed those others who wish to run their own website on their own domain the option of doing it without paying extra money for a static internet address.
"AtHome web redirection: This allows those people who run sites on free web providers or on their ISP's web space to make it appear that they own their own domain. This is particularly popular as some members find that the URL of their website is particularly hard to remember."
Available domain suffixes:


FREE! Domain Name Service "Bring the power of the Internet to your PC... at the office, at home, or on the road, now YOU can have a domain name that follows you wherever you are!"
Available domain suffixes:

  • - "Quick, Easy, Painless Dynamic DNS
"An account gets you two things: the host which you can direct to any IP you want, and the URL, which you can direct to any URL you want."

W3 Internet Services Dynamic DNS Project

"When you become a member of the Dyn project you be able to try out our services for 3 months free or charge! We will give you 2 personlized domain names for your constantly changing IP Address."

Package NameMax. RedirectsMax. DynamicMonthly Price

Available domain suffixes:


"DynIP is an Internet Name server (DNS server) for people with changing Internet addresses. DynIP gives your computer an Internet Name that automatically tracks your computer's number (IP Address) each time you connect to the Internet. The DynIP Client can be used with any kind of Internet connection, including dial-up, cable-modem, ADSL, ISDN, wireless or LAN connections.
"DynIP Basic - The DynIP Basic Service provides you with an Internet Name like( 1 year $35.95 US (30 day free trial)
"DynIP Plus - The DynIP Plus Service provides you with additional domains choices for your Internet Names like (,, or 1 year $59.95 US
"DynIP Pro - The DynIP Pro Service allows you to customize your Internet Name using your own top level domain namelike( 1 year $159.95 US + Domain Registration Fees"

"a provider of free DNS related services to the internet community. We currently offer dynamic and static dns services to the,,, and the domains. We recently added free web redirection under the domain. Register your hostnames now! 'Ditch your IP'."


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