Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work evenings and weekends?
MacMobile is available to you for day, evening, or weekend appointments. For Macintosh service, we charge a standard rate any time we work for you, including emergencies.

How do you charge for your services?
For site visits, we charge a minumum of one hour and charge by the quarter hour thereafter. We charge by the half hour for work done at our offices and by the quarter hour for phone consultations.

What warranty to do you offer for your services?
All labor is warrantied for thirty days. Products sold as new or refurbished are warrantied by the manufacturer. All warranty claims must be made through the product manufacturer, not through MacMobile. All products sold as used are sold 'AS IS' unless otherwise stated on the invoice. If a MacMobile warranty is stated on the invoice, MacMobile will repair or replace, at MacMobile's option, the used product containing manufacturing defects so long as the product is returned with its original shipping materials to MacMobile within the originally stated MacMobile warranty period. This warranty is made only to the purchaser whose name appears on the front of this invoice, is non-transferable, and is void if resold. Service by a non-MacMobile-approved technician voids any MacMobile warranty. Clients are responsible for shipping costs associated with warrantied merchandise. Beyond the thirty day labor warranty, any labor associated with manufacturer warranties (removal and installation) is the responsibility of the client.

Who is MacMobile?
MacMobile LLC is a business owned and operated for the past ten years by Lyn Spring.

Do you require a service contract?
We work on an as needed basis and do not require a contract. If you should desire to have some of our time on a frequent and regular basis and wish to hire MacMobile LLC under contract, we are willing to work out the details of such an arrangement.

Do you work on Windows computers?
Not unless pressed. MacMobile LLC is a Macintosh powered, Macintosh loving company. We sometimes work on PCs running Microsoft Windows and its variants when our clients have both Macs and PCs. We have many years experience in cross-platform solutions helping Mac users keep their stable, easy to use computers and helping Windows users to keep up with what the Macs are capable of.

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