Macintosh Home Networking

This is a product overview to assist Macintosh users to set up a small network of computers, share a printer or DSL/cable modem connection, and protect computers on the Internet with a firewall.

Setting up a Macintosh network can be as simple as plugging in a cable between two Macs and setting up File Sharing. If you have a printer connected with LocalTalk, you already have a network.

A recent increase in the number of homes with more than one computer has brought about interest in sharing files, printers, and internet connections and thus a need to setup a home network. Many hardware and software devices have been introduced to make this easy for the home user.

In the interest of brevity, I present a limited list of product categories. This list is based on my experience with network hardware and software as well as what I believe to be the easiest and / or most effective solutions. I hope this is useful to you.


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